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What we Offer

Buying a Home


We understand that nowdays is not easy to search for a good quality home for sale, that is why is important to contact one of our real estate agent, we expedite the home search for you.

Selling your home


We are recognized as a discounted real estate firm, which means you will save money We don't charge the standard 6% rate, we can save you money.



Looking for a place to rent within your work area, or family, with all amenities or independence. We can help. We manage a variety of apartments ready to fit your home needs.

Property Management


Let us handle your rentals. The most  important personal benefit of using a property management company is  that it allows landlords greater freedom. Instead of being attached to  one property, a landlord can buy multiple properties in different  locations and let us take care of each them.

Commercial Real Estate


We can help you find your next Empire and help from the ground up if necessary. Let us assist you in commercial foreclosures for under price, rehab it, resell it, do it again!  

Business Opportunity


Are you looking to gain more by being independent and opening your own business? Create your buyer registration now and let us customize your business search to tailor your business needs.

Additional Services

Offices For Rent


Lease any of our 30 executive suites with a big deal of services included such as:

  • High-speed internet
  • Ample Parking
  • Cleaning service on all common areas
  • Lobby greeter
  • First right of refusal for current tenants to help you expand & much more! 

We have a commercial real estate building that is right for you! Whether you require a high traffic office space or a building near the highway to support your employees' commute, we have the location you need. We support business owners by providing office for rent in many different sizes getting you into the right location for the right price. Lease an office now! 

Virtual Offices


 Commercial office space not for you? Try our Virtual Office service. It Includes:

  • Professional local address to establish your business
  • Mail handling & reception, including someone to securely sign for FedEx & UPS deliveries 
  • Conference & meeting rooms available with reservation equipped with the latest technology, allowing you to give a presentation that's sure to impress!
  • Private office suites with a new, modern design offered for daily rentals 

Network Events


All Real Estate Investors want to increase their portfolio in Real Estate. Our networking events cover topics such as:

  • Getting Properties OFF The Market!
  • Analyzing The Area & Market, 
  • Selling Points & Profitability
  • Presenting the Offer & Contract Tips
  • Assigned vs. Nonassignable Contract & Disclosures
  • Analyze The A.R.V. (after repair value)
  • Netting Profits for your investments, Make a Sale, Increase Your Returns &

Join Our Team-Referral-Program


Referrals increase your sales revenue which is why it is vital for most small businesses. According to world-renowned sales trainer, Tom Hopkins, in "Sales Prospecting for Dummies," your closing ratio for non-qualified leads is 10 percent versus a 60 percent close ratio with referred leads.

Business referrals from word of mouth marketing are powerful and cost-effective. All you really need to create a steady stream of referrals is happy customers who feel compelled to share their experience with others.

My Realtor Assist


Many realtors do not have the time to run small errands. Let us handle all your calls, emails, showing appointments, manage your calendar and write off flyers contract. With your supervision we can also prepare ads, add lock boxes & signs to properties, do your open houses and even do your social media! Choose what you need, when you need it.

Sign up to be paired with one of our professional, unlicensed realtor assistant today. 

Become a Realtor


 With extensive knowledge of the real estate industry, we are dedicated to helping students successfully complete their real estate course requirements and needs. Whether that be our sales associate pre-license, real estate exam preparation, sales associate post licensing, broker, or broker post-investment courses. Our experienced professionals, employees and teachers are passionate about helping you achieve your real estate license needs and achieve a passing score, and an state pre-requisite school requirements.  

Meet the Team


Susan Ross

As a Real Estate Broker and Broker Instructor, I'm qualified to help you with ALL your real estate needs. I have 7 years in banking industry as a Senior Underwriter and 6 years of Real Estate. I can review your situation to help you qualify before handing the paperwork to your bank, no mistakes so you can buy your dream home, second home or investment property. I have done foreclosures, short sales, regular sales, second home and I'm specialized in investment properties. I, as n investor myself, know exactly what the investor needs and can make sure you get the profit you deserve for all the hard work. Don't work for your money, make the money work for you. 

I'm also a Licensed Real Estate Instructor and Love Teaching , I currently hold classes in Spanish for the Pre-sales associate, post licensing, Lic. Broker and Investment Class.

Call me today and I can help you with your real estate needs. Hablo Español.

See my listings at www.lareinadelrealestate.com

Yein Ross, Real Estate Propertu Management

Yein Ross

As a previously Banking Center Manager, working for the most recognized bank entity in the globe. I believe, I have what it takes to help you with your financial needs, including but not limited to business creation, income taxes, payroll and more. I dedicate myself to Real Estate. My favorite phrase is "the client is always right", and to me the customer's satisfaction is a priority always clear and responsible. I oversee the property management division and  would love to talk to you about your rental (landlord) needs. We are a discounted Real Estate Broker firm and have reliable and affordable rates for our investors. Hablamos tu idioma!


Joey Schrepfer

 I  turn tenants into buyers. With past property management skills I know what I can do to qualify you and will help you find the perfect home.  I turn tenants into buyers, why spend your money on making landlords rich when you can find your own place, care for it and be free within. I considered myself and young entrepreneur with a lot t offer in your Real Estate matters and needs. Call me Today. 


Monica Scholl

  My name is Monica Scholl I'm from Ecuador with a long past of helping people. I'm a real Estate agent with a powerful team at my side. You need a home? I’m your woman! I will work tirelessly to take your home buying dream from idea in your head to keys in your hand. I will search and help secure you a home to get you from renting to owning! Its time your dreams come true. Lets get this started. 


Yordanis Allegue


As an investor myself, I know exactly what you are looking for for FLIPS. Currently licensed electrician, perusing my general contractor license.

Hablo español!


Liliana Murray


I was born in Barranquilla-Colombia where I lived for 30 years and I trained professionally in Strategic Marketing with specialization in direct sales. This profession allowed me to have extensive experience in interacting with clients not only in Colombia managing a multinational direct selling company but also in Panama where I had the opportunity to create my own company and live there for 10 years. If there is something that has characterized me during my years of work experience, it is to offer my best with a personalized, close, cordial, qualified and honest attention. I am a faithful believer that the basis of any negotiation is trust, therefore, I always give my best to my client, going the extra mile. if necessary. Contact me today to help you find your next dream home.

Meet the Team Cont


Noemi Vazquez

Say something interest My name is Noemi Velazquez, a real estate professional. I’m from Puerto Rico and moved to Florida in 2005.
I’m a graduate of Pontifical Catholic University of Puerto Rico and hold a Master Degree in Finance.
I’m an experienced professional, detail oriented and a good listener. Committed to help you and your family on each step of the real estate process.
Call me today. Hablo español. ing about your business here.


Ed Dwyer


I have an extensive background in real estate and mortgage banking since 1993. I worked in the mortgage banking field for 15 years from 1993 to 2008 as a loan auditor, processor, closer, funder, senior loan officer, and branch manager. I have had my real estate license for 16 years since 2003 and consider myself a full time agent. I have experienced in the following fields

  1. Mobile Home Broker / Dealer selling mobile homes in land leased 55+ communities.
  2. Sr. Appraisal Underwriter for a residential appraisal management company.
  3. Notary Public-Mobile Notary Closer / Signing Agent for Wells Fargo Home Loans and a few other select lenders.
  4. Due Diligence Home Inspector for 2 national residential asset management companies.
  5. I am also a real estate investor actively buying and selling residential real estate.

I have what it takes to fully represent you!


Peter Ross

Administrative Executive.


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