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Frequently Asked Questions

If I’m not a US Citizen can I still buy a home in the United States?

Of course, you can. America is striving for investors all over the world. You can buy the house in your name, someone else’s name or a corporate name. There are no restrictions to own a house in the states. Any type of visa is good to get a house.

Can I buy a property that is for sale by owner?

Yes, you can. The listing properties on the website are properties hand picked from one our realtor professionals to facilitate your search. However, there are thousands of properties available in the market that are for sale by owner, bank owned, or listed by other agents. We will be more than happy to accommodate an offer for you.

Can I buy a property outside of the state of Florida?

Yes, you can, we have qualified business partners all over the United States that will provide you with personal attention. However, we are a Florida based company and the best opportunity to invest right now is here in Florida.

What type of property can I purchase?

Any property that is available on the market, you can purchase. Which includes anything from 1 bedroom homes to a commercial properties. This also includes condominiums, Duplexes, Triplexes, and Hotels.

Can I invest with a partner?

Yes, you can. Anyone can be on title with you as the owner. Titles can be taken out under any natural person or business corporation.

How long does it take to rent the home?

The house will be available for rent as soon as the deal closes, if the house is in habitable conditions. However, in order to get a qualified tenant it might take up to 60 days from the closing date.

How much will it cost me to find a tenant?

We have a flat fee to cover all administration and marketing expenses, it will cost you a month of rent or $500 whichever is less.

How long would it take for you to purchase my property on my behalf?

It might take up to 90 days depending on the conditions and situation on the house. However, you will be informed of the home situation upon contract. 

Can I liquidate my assets at any time?

 You can liquidate your assets whenever you are ready. However, if your property is rented we need to inform the tenant within 30 days.

Can I change the title of the property?

Yes, you can. The title will be taken at closing under the name you wish to use. At any time you can change title to the house. We just need to be informed to properly arrange all your paperwork.

Is there an application fee?

There is an exclusive buyer’s agreement which will be executed by one of our real estate partners to represent you and it costs $499. However, this fee is refundable upon your first investment with us or if agreement expires.

In what conditions will the home be?

Market conditions, some properties will need you to invest in it to get it ready for tenants. However, you will made aware of the conditions of the property. Inspections can be done throughout the process upon request. And, one of our experienced professionals will provide you with the basic conditions of the home. Remember that our realtors are not licensed inspectors to provide this information. We recommend you complete all inspections as you wish if necessary. 

Would I receive copies of the title to the house?

You will have copies of the title insurance, title policy and any title related  

documents upon closing completion. These copies will be mailed to you and will be also be available online with your log in information.

Where could I get all documents related to the purchase?

Online, sign up today at investments-overseas.com and you can monitor all your investments from there and all documents related will be there for you to track any closings, rentals, or changes.

What type of tenants would you have at my home?

Qualified tenants only, we will make sure the tenant is the right tenant for you. 

What is section 8?

It is government help subsidized for qualified families. For additional  

information, forms and application click on the link below. http://portal.hud.gov/hudportal/HUD? 


Can I buy title insurance?

Sure, you can. Title insurance will be offered to you upon closing of the house from one of our closing title agencies.

Can I get Renter’s Homeowner’s insurance?

Absolutely, it is recommended that you get tenant insurance to protect your investments. 

Can I buy the investment properties using a Trust?

Yes, title closing agent companies and/or attorneys will be handling all legal aspects of purchasing your investments with Trust.

How much will it cost for you to manage my properties?

A 10% of the gross rental income fee will be charged to administer and manage your investments. You can pay this in advance or month to month basis.

Do I need to find the tenant?

Our professionals will find the tenant that best suits your needs. 

How much will the tenant screening cost me?

There is no cost to you for the tenant screening. The tenant is entitled to pay any screening application fee.

How much are property taxes?

Property taxes vary depending on county and value of the property which is driven by the assessed value assigned by the tax assessor’s office in the county where the property is located. The realtor will provide you with estimated property taxes and you can also go to www.Netronline.com to search public records to access this information.

How do I estimate the value of the property?

One of our professionals will provide you with a comparative market analysis, and historic analysis which will help you tremendously in estimating the value of your future investment.

How much will it cost me to change title to the home?

The fee varies per county. We will be more than happy to help you with that. We can offer the preparation of the deed, notarize and get it recorded for you in the county records for about $199.

Can I add an additional person to the title of the property?

Yes, you can add or transfer the title of the property whenever you decide. Please contact our office to help you with this process.

How many people can be owners on the title of the house?

As many as you want, there is no limit to how many can be on title. The title agency or attorney will take care of this for you. 

Do I have to be present at closing?

No, you don’t have to be present at closing. However, you can give power of attorney and we can close on your behalf. Or, you can have someone to represent you on your behalf.